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Sticking to a conventional weight loss diet can be a difficult and challenging undertaking.

The many "do's and don'ts" feel restrictive - and usually with the constant emphasis on what you're not allowed to eat.

A weight loss diet can often feel like some onerous, never-to-be-completed task - or even a mild form of punishment!

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Most people embark on a diet with a specific time-limited goal in mind; that wedding in April; a beach holiday in August; the office Christmas Party.

What might happen after the specific goal is achieved often remains unclear - but there's usually an underlying sense of "when it's all over" and a return to "normality" - a "normality" that actually created your weight problem in the first place.

Why traditional dieting can fail

  • Sudden nutritional changes can cause a stress reaction in the body which make us want to curb our anxiety by overeating

  • Many popular diets don’t have the requisite balance of macro-nutrients

  • A lack of awareness of our true thoughts, feelings and emotions becomes an obstacle to our goals

  • We lack the mental will-power to resist those sudden cravings and urges

  • It's often more about what's going through your head and not your stomach!

Nutrition Counselling

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Nutrition Counselling helps you to:

  • Uncover the deep-set roots of your food mindset and your relationship with food

  • Analyse any behavioural and emotional barriers which may have previously prevented you achieving weight or health-related goals

  • Discuss your current nutritional habits (including supplements) and explore which practices should be tweaked and which abandoned

  • Better manage your cravings and impulse eating

  • Cement better eating habits for life

Practitioner profile & prices:

Pat Truman de Reimers