Tui Na Massage

Tui Na Massage is a Deep & Restorative Chinese massage and is a fundamental part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Tui Na (which literally means push and grab) incorporates the TCM theory that injury or disease causes blockages in the channels of the body, and that blockages can cause pain.

The massage-like techniques employed in Tui Na range from light stroking to deep-tissue work which would be considered too vigorous or too painful for a recreational or relaxing massage.

What to expect

An array of techniques are performed, such as kneading, chopping, hacking, perpendicular pressure and rolling fist, which the therapist uses to remove tension or spasm in the muscles.

Just as in western massage techniques, Tui Na works the muscles; it helps them to relax and allows the blood to flow more freely throughout the area thus giving the muscle an optimum chance of repairing itself.

You will either lie down or be seated, depending on your age or condition.

There is no need to remove any clothing, only coats, shoes and jewellery.

You will be covered with a cotton sheet to facilitate the techniques used. If therapeutic oils are used it will only be on the hands, feet and neck.

After the session the practitioner may offer advice on exercise and stretching, diet and lifestyle.

Please wear loose clothing (no jeans) for your Tui Na session.
tui na image 1
tui na image 1
As with all complementary therapies, we recommend you seek the advice of your GP or regular medical practitioner before committing yourself to significant therapies, especially those that are physically invasive.

Practitioner profile & prices:

Peter Salt-Berrymen

Peter Salt-Berrymen