Shiatsu (Japanese 'finger pressure' therapy) is a Deep & Restorative natural healing discipline springing from the same ancient oriental principles as Acupuncture.

Like Acupuncture, Shiatsu is believed to stimulate the body's vital energy flow (known as 'chi' in Japanese) in order to promote good health.

The Shiatsu practitioner uses thumbs and fingers, elbows and even knees and feet to apply pressure and stretching to the energy lines, known as 'meridians'.

Shiatsu allows the receiver to relax deeply and get in touch with their own body. The therapy usually leaves a feeling of calmness, relaxation & well-being, and of being more in touch with one's body.

What to expect

Most people have two opposing tendencies: one, the wish to regain health and freedom: the other, to remain attached to old behaviour patterns which reinforce feelings of ill-health.

Your body's eliminative functions may have to be improved before specific issues can be relieved. The duration and frequency of your therapy plan will vary from person to person, as will the total number of sessions.

After Shiatsu you may feel invigorated yet relaxed. Sometimes the first benefits to occur do not improve the main complaint but rather overall health.

While clients may experience a feeling of increased well-being, temporary 'healing reactions’, such as negative emotions, may be released; these may take the form of a headache or flu-like symptoms for 24 hours. In such cases contact your therapist.

Your practitioner may give advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle, encouraging self-understanding and greater independence in health matters. This in turn leads to improved self-confidence and greater peace of mind for the client.
shiatsu image 1
shiatsu image 1
As with all complementary therapies, we recommend you seek the advice of your GP or regular medical practitioner before committing yourself to significant therapies, especially those that are physically invasive.
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Peter Salt-Berrymen

Peter Salt-Berrymen