Chiropody / Podiatry

Chriropody / Podiatry is an area of medicine devoted to the diagnosis & treatment of conditions affecting the foot & lower limb.

Chiropodists & Podiatrists can also give you advice on how to look after your feet by wearing the correct footwear and giving exercises to prevent pain & discomfort short & long-term.

Diabetic foot care
Footcare for Nails
Footcare callus
Footwear advice
Podiatrists are trained to provide several different treatments to target your specific need.

In order to become a Podiatrist you are required to study a 3 year Bachelor of science degree course and be registered with a professional body to practice.

Podiatry as with other healthcare professions also requires full professional indemnity insurance.

Conditions treated

Services offered include the treatment of:


What to expect

During your appointment the Podiatrist will ask you questions on the reason for your visit, they will then take a full medical history as this will aid in the most effective treatment for your pathology.

It would be helpful if you are on any medication to bring a list of this with you to share with the Podiatrist.

Treatment may include filing of the skin or nails, reduction of callus & corns with a scalpel and the use of a Doppler or monofilament to assess your circulation and sensation in the feet.

All patients at My Podiatrist Greenwich are treated with an individual sterile pack. The file is given to you if needed at the end of the appointment with advice.

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If you are attending for foot pain, bony or muscular it may be necessary for the Podiatrist to evaluate your gait and stance, loose fitting trousers that can be pulled up to the knee would be beneficial.

Practitioner profile & prices:

Annie Dafydd

Annie Dafydd