Sponsored Guide Dog Update


Cally has now moved onto advanced training, and has been matched with her new owner Bob, they are about to start partnership training together. This allows them to bond and learn how to work together.

Bob is an elderly gentleman, who lives by the sea, he also uses a walking stick, so Cally has been getting used to working with a mobility aid. She was curious at first, but now just ignores it and continues with her guiding tasks. This is a wonderful achievement.

Cally is a very gentle dog, and her trainer is confident that her kind nature will suit Bob’s lifestyle.

We will be able to catch up on Cally and Bob in the next update, which should be with us around February/ March.

Cally is now nearly qualified, so in the not so distant future we will be looking for a new guide dog puppy to sponsor, and trust that he or she will be as successful as our lovely Cally.