Massage is back at GNHC


You can book with Mark Kiely from Monday 12th April


and with Germain Mbabi from Saturday 24th April

Paediatric Osteopath


The Greenwich Natural Health is delighted to welcome Fiona Greer, BSc (Hons Ost), MSc (Paediatric Osteopathy).

Fiona has been in practice since 1997 and specialises in pregnancy/post partum care and paediatrics locally since 2005 following completion of a Masters in Paediatric Osteopathy.

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Reducing plastic waste

Greenwich Natural Health Centre is opting for a more eco-friendly approach to how we run and maintain the Centre.

With this in mind we are cutting back on any waste we are accumulating, especially plastic.

With all the publicity around at the moment, you are all aware of the amount of plastic that we are dumping into our oceans.

Around 8 million metric tons of our plastic waste enters the oceans from land each each year, which means every minute one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans.


We were astonished to discover that in 2017 GNHC used around 6,000 plastic cups, and we only have one water machine.

Mind you people taking 5 cups at a time for one drink did not help! We have now stopped ordering plastic cups for the water machine and have ordered bio-degradable paper cups instead.

We have also ordered re-fills for the antibacterial hand wash and will be re-using the plastic bottles that we have.

These might seem like small steps, but we think “Hey, every little helps” and will continue to think of way that we can reduce our footprint on the environment.

We would also welcome any workable suggestions that you may have.

Doctors urge parents to never use liquid washing tabs

washing tabs

Doctors are urging parents not to buy or use liquid washing capsules and to buy washing powder instead. The warning comes after soaring numbers of children being hospitalised after ingesting gel tabs.

Researchers have revealed that at least one child a week is admitted to hospital after swallowing liquid washing tabs. Often, children mistake the brightly coloured wrapped capsules for sweets.

Doctors said that using liquid tabs is just 'not worth the risk'.

The new research was carried out in the US, but is backed up by UK studies, which also found that one child a day is admitted to hospital because of liquid tab ingestion.

Figures from the National Poisons Information Service show that 1,486 patients were treated for detergent poisoning in the UK between May 2009 and July 2012. Nearly all were under five.


Bra Bank


We have a Bra Bank in support of A.B.C. (Against Breast Cancer).

Deposit your unwanted or unloved bras in our Bra Bank and you are helping to raise vital funds for dedicated research to improve breast cancer detection and survival.

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Deep Tissue Massage


Mark Kiely, Acupuncturist, is now providing Deep Tissue Massage on Tuesday evenings and alternate Sunday mornings.

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