Sponsored Guide Dog Update

This is Cally's final update

cally cally-and-bob

Cally is now a fully qualified guide dog and has been partnered with Bob.

It is clear to see that the pair have already built a unique bond.

"Cally loves her food! When we are out and about and Cally is off the lead she comes back the moment I blow the whistle because she knows it means food." smiled Bob.

Bob lost his sight in his late 50’s and he quickly realised he needed the assistance of a guide dog. “I was cycling and realised I couldn’t see the end of the hill: that is when I knew I was losing my sight”, Bob has an inherited eye condition called “high myopia”, which causes his vision to be blurry in the distance, but clearer when looking at things up close.

Bob’s first guide dog was called Nicky and he loved her dearly, he kept Nicky all of her life until she passed away in February last year. “I knew I needed another guide dog but it was hard for me to get over losing Nicky - she was not just a guide, but a best friend too.

Cally gets on really well with Barney, Bob's son's dog.

Between the two dogs, Bob used a white cane to get around. He found that because of this, a lot of people would keep their distance from him when walking down the street. Now he has Cally he can’t stop people coming over and giving her a stroke and saying hello.

The day begins for them both at 7am when Bob lets Cally out into the garden and gives her breakfast. They then go on their first walk of the day around the lovely seaside town of Pakefield where they live.

Bob is an enthusiastic walker and takes Cally out for two, if not three walks a day depending on the weather. Bob and his wife Joan live nearby to their daughter Ruth, which means that Cally has lots of family around her.


"Cally is a great companion and I am so pleased to have her."

I am sure that you will agree that it is wonderful to see the difference that Cally is making to Bob’s life, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness together.