Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery is a procedure to treat ingrowing toenails. This is done under local anaesthetic.

The procedure involves either taking a portion of the nail away that is causing the pain named ‘Partial nail avulsion’ or the whole nail ‘Total nail avulsion’.

An acid is used to stop the nail from growing back.

The Podiatrist will advise you on what procedure is most suitable for you.

When do I need nail surgery?

Nail Surgery is commonly recommended when conservative treatment such as cutting the nail or dressing the toe has proven unsuccessful.

Recurrent infections requiring antibiotics is also a reason to have this procedure.

The severity of the in-growing toenail is also considered as surgery may be the only option to treat.

How long will the surgery take?

The procedure will take 1 hour and this includes the pre surgical assessment, local anaesthetic and the surgery.

Will I be able to walk after the surgery?

Yes, the Podiatrist will advise you to rest after the procedure due to the local anaesthetic and possible bleeding post surgery.

The day after the procedure you will be able to proceed with normal activity unless advised against.

You will return to see the Podiatrist 2 days after the surgery for a redressing appointment.

You will then be able to redress yourself at home with the advice given to you.

Is there anything I can’t do after the procedure?

I would advise against swimming or any sports that will cause injury to your toe for at least 4-6 weeks after the procedure.

Once the toe is healed you can go back to these activities with no issues.

Are there any risks?

With all surgery possible risks are involved. These include, pain post operatively, infection and an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic provided.

The Podiatrist will explain all risks to you prior to proceeding and answer all questions you may have.
Please call the centre on 020 8691 5408 and ask the Podiatrist for more advice.

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