Bra Bank


bra bank bin
We have a Bra Bank at Greenwich Natural Health Centre in support of the Against Breast Cancer charity.

Deposit your unwanted or unloved bras in our Bra Bank and you are helping to raise vital funds for dedicated research to improve breast cancer detection and survival.

BCR Global Textiles help small businesses in Africa though their textile project, preventing valuable textiles going to landfill and giving them a new lease of life across Africa, where bras remain too expensive to produce.

BCR are donating £1,000 to research for every tonne of bras collected, which is only 9,000 bras.

With over 30 million women in the UK you could really help make a difference!
When you make a deposit at a Bra Bank, your ill-fitting or unwanted bras will be whisked away to start a new life on the other side of the world, where traders support their families selling textiles locally.

Successful ventures like this keep many families in developing countries out of poverty whilst providing employment for people at home in the UK.

Any bras genuinely beyond redemption are dismantled and disposed of properly.

Read more about bra recycling at Against Breast Cancer